Large pool of professional trainers.

ITE is operating within a country-wide network of more than 100 professional trainers. All ITE trainers are experienced and certified professionals. ITE trainers’ network covers all regions of Azerbaijan which allows to deliver our services on countrywide and at a high quality level.
The international expertise and innovative technologies in education.

ITE is an educational institution which operates in the education market in Azerbaijan extensively employing the relevant international expertise and using new educational technologies. ITE develops high quality training programs and delivers professional trainings.
Strategic partnership with the Government and leading local and international organizations.

ITE has built partnership with the Ministry of Education of Azerbaijan Republic, World Bank, UNESCO, Microsoft, Intel and others.

Our Services


"Innovative Technologies in Education" (ITE) is the educational institution that provides wide range of services in the area of education. The services include training for educators, research and consultancy for policy-makers, international certification, content development and distance learning.
ITE’s main purpose is to prepare educators address the challenges and expectations of the dynamic educational systems.
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Curriculum Development trainings
Curriculum Development trainings
ITE (Innovative Technologies in Education) has implemented a number of projects in Azerbaijan under the Education Reform Program (ERP).
Teacher Professional  Development
Teacher Professional Development
Contemporary world sets its requirements, knowledge, skills and the way of thinking in the various fields of life. 21st century is the era of high technologies. Computer and electronic technologies are the main parts of our life: at home, at work, in the industry and even in community activities.
ICT training
ICT training
ITE (Innovative Technologies in Education) educational institution partners with global IT companies (Microsoft, Cisco, İntel) to help Azerbaijani IT specialists to improve their technical skills. In the near future ITE plans to organise software and hardware technical trainings.

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The ITE (The Innovative Technologies in Education, center for additional education) managers will do their best to answer your requests. They will calculate the cost of services you interested and prepare an individual offer.
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ITE about

ITE (Innovative Technologies in Education) educational institution was established in 2012. Our motto is transformation of education by means of capacity building

ITE educational institution invests in capacity building of educators and leaders in the field of education, development of teaching and learning process and supports the effective implementation of government’s education strategy.