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Social Responsibility
Innovative Technologies in Education Continuing Education Center acknowledges its social responsibility for the society at large. Through its core operations ITE intends to be useful for its partners and individuals. As the leading private teacher training provider in Azerbaijan, ITE supports the idea of social responsibility by holding workshops, seminars, round table discussions and other professional events and activities with participation of international and local experts. Human Resource is an integral part of the key success of ITE. The biggest strength of ITE is in its Educational Expertise, Staff members, Trainers and Partners. ITE is guided by its own Code of Conduct in its operations. Standards of Integrity and High Ethical Values remain the main principle upon which we build the ITE. In carrying out our daily activities, each member of ITE acts in the way described in the Code of Conduct.

ITE being an educational institution, is guided at its work by the following key corporate values:

  • Be responsible
  • Give priority to innovation
  • Integrity
  • Contribute to the sustainable development of our partners
  • Fully transparent activity
  • Answer the questions in time
  • Demonstrate just behaviour
  • Ensure equal opportunities for everyone
  • Inform the public about our activities
  • Follow the regulations stipulated by the legislation
  • Commitment to ethic values.