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STEM education in Azerbaijan07.16.19Everyone should have a profession corresponding to their interests and potential in order to build the future correctly.
International Conference on Artificial Intelligence and Education in Beijing06.12.19Our employees took part in the International Conference on Artificial Intelligence and Education in Beijing.
Students who will become future teachers for the first time in September 2019 will be able to join the eTwinning project.06.07.19A representative of the Innovative Technologies in Education Continuing Education Center, Nilufar Rakhimova, and a Representative of the Department for Education Informatization System, Fidan Najafova, participated in a TTI seminar in Brussels as part of the eTwinning project.
Professional development on Information and Communication Technology were conducted05.17.19Commissioned by the Ministry of Education, Innovative Technologies in Education Continuing Education Center, from December 2018, has provided professional development and mentorship for 4,000 teachers in the whole country on the use of information technologies in education.
The teacher of secondary school in Salmanbayli village of Agjabadi region gained the right to attend Stanford University online seminar04.25.19International Polyup project is being implemented in Azerbaijan with the support of the Ministry of Education,  Innovative Technologies in Education Continuing Education Center and the Mars Academy Company.
Trainings for the primary school teachers to be completed06.06.18The next skills improvement service aiming at the formation of the skills for using the modern educational technologies, held by the Innovative Technologies in Education  Additional Education Center, was completed.