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Harbour Space University ITE Joint Programs

Harbour Space University – ITE Joint Programs About Harbour Space University, Barcelona, Spain: Harbour Space University is an innovative private university located in Barcelona, Spain that combines entrepreneurship, technology and design, taught by industry leaders from around the world. The university offers progressive undergraduate, graduate and executive education programs aimed at giving participants meaningful and creatively satisfying top-level professional futures. The university’s mission is to nurture and accelerate talent, supported by the most knowledgeable and successful people in technology and design. Harbour Space University allows for brilliant ideas to flourish and produce solutions to contemporary societal challenges around themes such as the environment, health, energy and security. Harbour Space University immersive learning approach means real world problems take a central stage in the classroom, not textbook challenges. Brilliant ideas are born in collaboration, through experimentation by crossing every possible academic boundary. We know this is true in business, now we are making it happen in our university. IT Programs: • Computer Science Program Courses • Data Science Program Courses • Cyber Security Program Courses Business Programs: • Interaction Design Program Courses • High-Tech Entrepreneurship Program Courses • Digital Marketing Program Courses