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Why we?
Innovative Technologies in Education Continuing Education Center (ITE) was established in 2012. Our slogan is transformation of education by means of capacity building.

You ultimately have three main reasons to apply to ITE educational institution:

  1. Large pool of professional trainers. ITE is operating within a country-wide network of more than 100 professional trainers. All ITE trainers are experienced and certified professionals. ITE trainers’ network covers all regions of Azerbaijan which allows to deliver our services on countrywide and at a high quality level.
  2. The international expertise and innovative technologies in education. ITE is an educational institution which operates in the education market in Azerbaijan extensively employing the relevant international expertise and using new educational technologies. ITE develops high quality training programs and delivers professional trainings.
  3. Strategic partnership with the Government and leading local and international organizations. ITE has built partnership with the Ministry of Education of Azerbaijan Republic, World Bank, UNESCO, Microsoft, Intel and others.
  4. Operating under the license of official state institutions.  “Innovative Technologies in Education” Continuing Education Center – the organisation acting under the governmental license was issued a licence No.085193 by the Ministry of Education of the Republic of Azerbaijan for the activities such as advanced training, internship and staff skills improvement.  The validity period of the license has been extended for an indefinite period since February 27, 2016. Thus, certificates issued by ITE are considered to be a state document.