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Application of innovative technologies in primary school education12.17.19Kamala Shabanova, an elementary school teacher at the 280th secondary school in Surakhani district of Baku, took advantage of the training provided by Ulkar Fatalieva, a mentor of our company.
An inclusive-oriented open lesson by the teacher participated in our Metor service.12.11.19Rana Mammadova, a primary school teacher of secondary school No 202, who took advantage of Mentor service by our mentor Shalala Maharramova, conducted an open lesson on Life Science on the subject "Solar System".
Success of our training participants continues.12.05.19Teachers participating in our training are stepping up their careers, improving their knowledge and skills.
An open lesson in the new format11.15.19Aziza Hasanova who participated at the “Application of technologies and Innovations in education process” taught by Subhi Ilyasov, has organized an open lesson with 1st grade in Masazir village, Absheron district, school №1.
Innovative Technologies in Education Continuing Education Center held a master class in preparation for ICT training09.10.19As part of the agreement with the Ministry of Education, the preparatory stage of ICT training for 1,600 teachers of higher and general educational institutions and vocational schools has been completed.
Discovering the Sustainable Development Goals with Polyup08.19.19The Polyup team is committed to creating a new generation of creative problem solvers through math and computer science.